Safety defines us

The work we do is exciting and interesting, but it is also dangerous.  During storms, when most people are staying indoors to wait out the weather, our crews are heading out to restore power and heat.  We work with heights, high voltage and heavy machinery and we pride ourselves on handling all of those hazards with precision and care.  Magnum values its employees and places the highest regard on their safety, providing them with the best protective equipment and tools.  Safety is absolutely central to Magnum Power’s foundation. Daily Tailboard Meetings are held to discuss the day’s potential job hazards and environmental impact concerns. Equipment and site inspections are a daily practice. Certified specialists provide routine maintenance and testing on all heavy equipment, hot work tooling and gear. Magnum Power takes great measures to ensure Safety to its personnel, the public and the environment. We are proud of our safety record, and we believe it is a core part of the value we bring to the employees who work for us and the clients we work for.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Magnum Power Operations Director carries out our safety policy; a policy that has been developed with the help of Department of Labor & Industries, OSHA Guidelines and the help of many Safety officers in our industry. Every crew member within our company is issued a numbered copy of our Safety Policy and Procedure manual; and understands their responsibility as an employee of Magnum Power, LLC is to familiarize them with and conduct themselves according to the safety guidelines.

Our Line Crew Foreman is on the job to oversee project operation. The Foreman’s first concern is the safety of himself, his crew and the public.  As an employee of Magnum Power, LLC safety is a right and a responsibility.  Under no circumstances will any employee be expected to perform a task that they are not comfortable with or consider themselves incompetent to perform.  It is the right and responsibility of each employee to inform their supervisor so he/she can make the necessary decisions to manage the job safely.

Safety is one of the many areas these skilled crew members are highly trained for. Each crew member understands that they need to protect themselves, their crew and the public from unsafe conditions.

Magnum Power employs many labor classifications; from Journeyman Linemen, Operators and Electricians. Incident and Accident prevention measures are incorporated into every work day.

Some of our specialized crew training includes:

  • Hot Stick & Live Line Training
  • High Voltage Training
  • Fiber Optic Splicing, Termination and Installation Certification
  • Directional Drilling and Erosion Control/CESCL Certification
  • Crane Operation, Signal Person, Boom Training and CDL
  • Traffic Control and Supervisor Services
  • First Aid, CPR, OSHA and other Safety Training & Certification(s)



Magnum Power is a member of ISNETWORLD as part of our dedication to safety.  It allows our clients to see our safety record and methods.  We value transparency with our clients to inspire trust.  Contact us  for more information.

Magnum Power, LLC